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Capsule Corp Labs Raises €7.3M in Seed Funding to Create A Leader in Consulting and Deployment of Utility NFT Solutions




Capsule Corp Labs, a platform specialized in the creation and development of utility NFTs, secures €7.3 million in a seed round, including €4.8 million in equity from Omnes Capital, specialized funds REVAM and Digital Finance Group (DFG), and French business angels from the Web3 ecosystem. The funding is completed by a €2.4 million token sale from Ternoa ($CAPS), the parent company of Capsule Corp Labs. This amount is provided to Capsule Corp Labs as part of its development plan.

The seed funding round led by expert investors in deeptech and Web3, follows Ternoa’s €8 million token sale in 2021. As the parent company of Capsule Corp Labs, which develops a blockchain specialized in utility NFTs. The funding allows Capsule Corp Labs to widen its scale by strengthening its R&D and expanding its 30-person team.

Moving from Collector to Utility NFTs

Capsule Corp Labs brings a paradigm shift in how NFTs are used. Until now, NFTs have mainly found success as collector’s items, especially in the luxury and art industries.

Capsule Corp Labs develops NFT solutions for companies in all sectors, enabling them to integrate the value propositions of the Web3: ownership of data and digital assets, and integration and engagement of user communities.


A Blockchain Dedicated to NFTs

Launched in 2022, Capsule Corp Labs is the main integrator of Ternoa, a layer-1 blockchain infrastructure. Open-source and decentralized, it provides developers with an independent framework to create utility NFTs.

Start-Up Studio and Web3 Consulting

Both a start-up studio and a Web3 consulting firm, Capsule Corp Labs’ mission is to help companies of all sizes develop their business model on the Ternoa blockchain.

“Unlike the current NFT market, which operates very much like the art market– based on scarcity value, we believe that NFTs will increasingly have utility value. NFTs will initially be used in the development of sectors such as video games, music, entertainment, or the metaverse, and then gradually spread to other sectors of activity. Our role is to enable this transition from Web 2.0 to Web3, which can be technologically complex”, explains Clément Téqui, CEO of Capsule Corp Labs and Co-Founder of Ternoa.

Capsule Corp Labs offers a “business as a service” model to Web3 start-ups by providing them with human and technological resources such as developers and product managers to help them develop NFTs. In the space of six months, Capsule Corp Labs has already helped three NFT start-ups launch their products, allowing them each to achieve several hundred thousand Euros in revenue.

First Use Cases of NFT Utilities

The second strategic focus for Capsul Corp Labs is to advise companies on implementing their Web3 solutions. Earlier in 2022, Capsule Corp Labs participated in the launch of 20 Mint, the blockchain project from the leading French news outlet 20 Minutes. 20 Mint completed a successful sale of 999 NFT typewriters to finance 20 Minutes’ operation of its Web3 magazine while gathering a community of enthusiasts. “Our role is to identify with our customers the use cases for the future NFTs and help develop them,” says Clément Téqui on this focus as a project accelerator.


Capsule Corp Labs also assists Editis, a French leader in the publishing industry, in identifying real use cases of NFTs for its sector. This included a collaborative editorial work tool, new book formats, and reader community animation tools. In addition, Capsule Corp Labs’ work led to the launch of Editis’ Web3 transformation project.

For the Notaires de France-affiliated technological endowment fund not.IT, Capsule Corp. Labs designed and developed a solution to transmit digital assets, allowing the storage of private NFT content. The first model has been delivered, and the project is being validated on a national scale.

Commissioned by the gift box specialist Wonderbox, Capsule Corp. Labs initiated a project to transform its customer relationship through NFTs. The collaboration allowed Wonderbox to identify solutions to secure the resale of virtual gift boxes. Capsule Corp. Labs also leveraged specific Ternoa NFT features such as secret content to enhance the experience of an online sports game owned by a leading video game company.

“Our open-source infrastructure has been operational since April and is open to all developers and entrepreneurs to create the NFT applications of tomorrow. This round of funding by Capsule Corp Labs will help accelerate the development of the Ternoa ecosystem in France and Europe,” says Mickael Canu, CEO of Ternoa.

“Ternoa is one of the very few French Layer-1 blockchains with a real underlying technological asset. With this investment, the Ternoa team will be able to offer Web3 startups ever richer functionalities and become the European blockchain platform of reference,” says Fabien Collangettes, Investment Director at Omnes Capital.


“The concept of Business as a Service was first generated from Web 2.0, while Capsule Corp Labs innovates this model and upgrades it into a Web3 style enabling all sizes of companies to develop and launch NFTs products more easily. DFG always has had a strong belief in Ternoa since day 1– its unique open source Layer 1 infrastructure nurtures a bold ecosystem to realize utility NFTs. I’m very positive that under the leadership of Mickael Canu and Clément Téqui, Ternoa and its community will be ahead of the game in no time,” comments James Wo, Founder and CEO of DFG.

“We are delighted to have been able to finalize this fundraising with Omnes, a recognized player in the financing of Deep Tech projects requiring significant investments in R&D. In a difficult market context, we will be able to continue to invest in the development of tomorrow’s Web3 infrastructures with our unique value proposition: creating a bridge between Web2 and Web3 architecture”, adds Clément Téqui, CEO of Capsule Corp Labs and co-founder of Ternoa.


WOO’s first land sale set for Valentine’s Day




Wrestling Organization Online (WOO) has scheduled its first land sale for February 14. At this time, whitelisted users will be able to buy packs containing in-game cities within the game’s first available territory. If there are still packs remaining on March 16, the sale will be opened to the general public. These cities will have various stats, similar to WOO’s other assets.

In WOO, players create and manage a wrestling organization with a roster of unique wrestlers backed by NFTs and the Hive ecosystem. Managers, promotions, championships and now cities can be staked and wagered in an effort to be the best of the best.

Founder and CEO Ian Withey says this is the latest step in making WOO the premier digital wrestling experience.

“Wrestling Organization Online brings old-school territory wrestling to the #HIVE blockchain,” he said. “With our first territory land sale, we will be one step closer to making that vision a reality.”


To get on the whitelist, players must be one of the top 200 holders of in-game assets including NFTs, unopened packs from previous sales and $WOO tokens, so there is still time to get on the list before the sale.

Whitelisted users will have until March 14 to buy as much land as they can before the territory moves into a general sale two days later, if supplies last. Due to the limited number of whitelist slots and the abundance of users in the running, the WOO team anticipates fierce competition for the top slots.

Each pack sold in this first Territory of 10,000 cities will cost $20, payable through PayPal, Hive, HBD, BTC, and LTC, meaning assets can be purchased with both fiat and cryptocurrency.

WOO will release 20 territories over time, but this will be the only land sale before the game’s official release later in 2023.

Several big names in wrestling are partnering with WOO to create an experience aimed at wrestling fans and crypto enthusiasts. Perry Saturn, Raven, Sonny Onoo and Terri Runnels have all signed on to do their part.


Partnered wrestlers receive 10% of the upcoming sale, a move Withey says is meant to pay back those who paved the way to what wrestling has become.

“We’re looking to leave wrestling in a better state than we found it,” he said. “Wrestlers in this country are seen as independent contractors, so they don’t receive the same benefits as many employees. To help with this, we have profit sharing with our partners, but what we’re really trying to do is bring awareness to this issue.”

As the newest professional partner, Runnels says she is excited to see this technology being used to bring light to something that is important to wrestling fans all over the world. The former manager, TV host and wrestler brings her experience with WCW, WWF and WWE to the newest era of fans with WOO.

“It is so great to see how the WOO team regards old-school wrestling and the traditions that so many have worked so hard for over the years,” she said. “They have somehow taken the newest technology and used it to pay respect to something that is near and dear to all of us, and I am looking forward to seeing it grow.”

WOO offers a full rundown of land and its mechanics at

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ITM showcases the world’s first EV dNFT to achieve trust from edge of vehicle history reports




Award-winning Taiwanese blockchain solutions provider International Trust Machines Corporation (ITM) showcased its dNFT (dynamic non-fungible token) technology which ensures data integrity of electric vehicles at the 2022 MIH (Mobility In Harmony Open EV Platform initiated by Foxconn) Demo Day, the annual technical advancements event that aims to drive the future of the EV industry.

ITM’s breakthrough would allow users to tie large amounts of dynamic data generated by an electric vehicle to a dNFT, which has the ability to adapt in real time in response to external data. It would make data such as the vehicle’s maintenance and trade history tamper-proof, and ensure that the vehicle owner controls and owns trustworthy and legitimate information.

“Currently, car manufacturers use traditional static NFT technology which binds data to a central database outside the blockchain. It is difficult to confirm the integrity of the data, or they need to rely on a trusted third party to do so,” said Julian Chen, CEO and co-founder of ITM.

ITM’s technology could upload a large amount of data onto the blockchain at a low cost, making data secure on the Web3 architecture. “Electric vehicles generate a large amount of digital data, and the data is exactly what makes EVs valuable,” Chen explained.


Data as an asset

With an ongoing commitment to transform the transportation industry, ITM joined the MIH Consortium as a Contributor Member in 2022, and actively participated in its Security & OTA working group as well as the Web3 vehicle development  interest group to develop security frameworks for the EV industry.

The Foxconn-initiated MIH Consortium aims to create an open EV ecosystem that develops key technologies and design standards of electric vehicles, which will lower the barrier for parties to enter the industry.

MIH currently has more than  2,500 members from 65 countries and regions, and holds an annual technical exhibition MIH Demo Day that invites EV start-ups from around the world to explore new business opportunities. The 2022 MIH Demo Day was held on November 8 in Taipei in 2022; and MIH will showcase their solutions at CES 2023.

Jack Cheng, CEO of MIH Consortium, said that in order to ensure electric vehicles operate normally in a digitalized environment, information security is the key. “MIH will create a brand new environment for the automobile industry. In terms of vehicle data and traceable vehicle history, we will focus on three main areas: supply chain cybersecurity management, the cybersecurity solutions of vehicles, and the protection of user data to return the data ownership to its owners. And the decentralized blockchain technology will play an indispensable role in the process.” The goal of MIH is to combine emerging technologies such as decentralization identifier (DID), Web3 and NFT, so that the control of the data can be returned to car owners.

With technology designed by companies such as ITM, in the future, after an electric vehicle leaves the factory, its driving behavior, maintenance and transaction history, as well as other data generated by the vehicle will be recorded on the blockchain with the consent of the owner.


The data could be downloaded and verified through the dNFT bound to the EV. With this credible information at hand, dNFT holders can then approach insurance, finance, energy, and ESG providers with credible information, which will maximize the asset value of EVs.

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Oasys completes strategic funding round powered by Galaxy Interactive, Nexon, and Jsquare




Oasys, a gaming-optimized blockchain built by gamers for gamers close a successful strategic funding round led by Galaxy Interactive and South Korean gaming giant Nexon, the company behind the hit gaming franchises MapleStory and Dungeon Fighter Online. Rounding out the funding was a contribution from Jsquare, a Web3 development VC fund with over $150 million AUM, co-founded by James Wo of Digital Finance Group. Additional contributors include Presto Labs, MZ Web3 Fund, Hyperithm, Jets Capital, AAG, YJM Games, and ChainGuardians.

The strategic funding round enables Oasys to enhance its ecosystem by strengthening its validator network and expanding its pool of gaming partners. The partnerships forged with the investors in the strategic round will also continue to create additional opportunities for the growth of Oasys, along with its different stakeholders.

Following the strategic funding round, Oasys also concluded its public token sale held from 30 November 2022 to 4 December 2022, reaching its funding goal within 12 hours, with commitment from 60 countries. Oasys’ public token sale allows the general public (excluding US-based investors) to invest in Oasys for the first time. The funding round follows Oasys completing a $20 million private token sales round led by Republic Crypto earlier this year and its Mainnet launch in October 2022.

As a contributor to Oasys’ blockchain initiative, Jsquare solidifies its support for impactful GameFi and Web3 projects. Jsquare affirms its mission to help create the next generation of interaction through an advisory board and a dedicated $30 million investment fund for NFT, Web3, and Metaverse companies. Co-founded by James Wo of DFG, a leading Web3 investment firm with over $1 billion under management, Jsquare leverages research, experience, and technological advancement to support meaningful blockchain development.


With strong support from its institutional backers, Oasys is fully focused on growing its ecosystem and enhancing user experiences. Oasys is committed to its mission of leading the global expansion of blockchain games and bringing new gaming experiences to players and developers alike.

“The aftermath of the recent occurrences in the Web3 sector have highlighted the need of constructing a decentralized and resilient company, one founded on producing top-notch games and gaming content,” says Daiki Moriyama, Director of Oasys. “We will provide a new generation of blockchain games with the gameplay and unmatched experience the community desires due to the backing. And, invaluable knowledge of top game creators, the largest institutional supporters in Web 3, and individual investors from all over the globe.”

“We are proud to be a part of this funding round for Oasys and to see a worthwhile GameFi project reach a wider audience to build its community,” says Joanna Liang, Co-Founder of Jsquare. “We believe that GameFi has an undeniable impact on widening crypto adoption and development, so it’s vital to support projects that put users at the heart of its operation to make a product of true quality.”

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