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HyperPlay Opens Early Access, Allowing Players to Experience the Best of Web3 Gaming in One Application




HyperPlay, a startup building Web3-native gaming and digital distribution software, has opened Early Access to its Web3 game launcher. Incubated by Game7, a Web3 gaming DAO, and built in collaboration with crypto wallet MetaMask, the HyperPlay Launcher introduces a fully-functional environment that seamlessly integrates players’ cryptocurrency wallets and game libraries.

Web3 gaming has continued to flourish, with the industry expected to reach $583 billion by 2030. However, the gaming environment remains fractured, often requiring players to create multiple accounts and use several different wallets. With HyperPlay, gamers can quickly connect their MetaMask or WalletConnect wallet, easily complete in-game transactions in native or browser-based games, and carry assets from game to game fostering a seamless user experience. HyperPlay’s infrastructure enables game assets to become interoperable across the entire decentralized web, including in other game worlds.

HyperPlay was created by JacobC.eth (previously Lead of Operations at MetaMask), and Flavio S. Lima (who founded the Heroic Games Launcher). Commenting on the news, JacobC.eth said, “The original vision of Web3 gaming was one of an interoperable gaming universe, where in-game assets and digital currencies move fluidly between franchises and platforms. Today’s move to Early Access for the HyperPlay Launcher is an important next step in realizing this goal. HyperPlay is putting the power back into the hands of players and developers to create the permissionless game worlds that Web3 promised.”

As an aggregator of game stores, the HyperPlay Launcher supports the full libraries of leading game stores including the Epic Games Store and GOG. Users can easily access their library of games and carry their wallet, tokens, NFTs, and achievements into any game hosted on the platform. The HyperPlay Launcher also acts as a gateway to the HyperPlay Store, an all-new place for innovative Web3 games that shape the future of digital entertainment.


Seventeen Web3 titles will be available through HyperPlay’s own store at launch, including The Sandbox, an open-world metaverse in partnership with Atari, Care Bears, Skybound Entertainment, and more. Both new and existing players can download the game and enter The Sandbox directly from HyperPlay’s interface.

The HyperPlay Store’s full line-up of launch titles includes:

  • Another World
  • The Beacon
  • Bionic Owls
  • Bunny
  • The Bornless
  • Dark Throne
  • DeFi Kingdoms
  • Flight Force 4
  • Gridiron
  • Moonblasters
  • Necrodemic
  • Phantom Galaxies
  • Rocket Monsters
  • The Sandbox
  • Smashverse
  • Tearing Spaces
  • Trouble Punks
  • Uldor
  • Undead Blocks
  • Voxie Tactics
  • The Wake

Both Web3 and legacy games are compatible with the launcher, and players can load their existing library as well.

The HyperPlay Store seeks to champion Web3 game developers, providing them with a place to host games free from the concerns of being deplatformed for incorporating Web3 features. Additionally, the HyperPlay Store does not charge fees on in-game revenue, enabling developers to make a living by doing what they love. The store bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming, bringing all game experiences under a single application to provide a seamless experience for both developers and players.

Open-source and free to build on, HyperPlay also makes it easy to integrate native games with MetaMask, providing a simple API powered by the MetaMask SDK and browser extension. Developers can quickly and easily use the API to request transactions, signatures, or make any other requests possible with MetaMask or WalletConnect. HyperPlay is platform-agnostic and supports all EVM-compatible chains, creating a unified platform for gamers to access their existing library across ecosystems while also unlocking Web3 functionality in supported titles.

“Our goal is to make dapps successful, and the HyperPlay + MetaMask SDK partnership is a crucial step in that direction,” said Ezgi Cengiz, Senior Product Manager at MetaMask. “We aim to provide a seamless and secure connection between dapps and the MetaMask wallet. The MetaMask SDK is the key to achieving that. Additionally, we want to make it easy for developers to integrate MetaMask into their native mobile & desktop apps, games, and web apps on mobile browsers, allowing for a reliable and secure connection with dapps.”


Developers interested in listing their games on HyperPlay can register their interest here.

To download the HyperPlay launcher, visit the official website

Gaming and Entertainment Europe

Fractured Sanity released on Steam and Meta Quest – Dive into an intense VR horror experience




Brazilian Studio United Games is thrilled to announce the release of their horror VR adventure game Fractured Sanity. The team was going full steam to make the last changes to the game and add language options before today’s launch on Steam and Meta Quest’s App Lab.

“We’ve added Portuguese, Spanish and Simplified Chinese to the language options, and there’s an exciting new trailer out to get people pumped. We’re working day and night to iron out the kinks – we’re all very excited and focused on making the game more accessible!” – Gabriel Marques, Co-creator of Fractured Sanity


Not only that, but the team has received an exciting new task: they’ve confirmed the game will be supported on the PICO4 platform, which along with the new language options, marks an expansion into the Chinese market. The release date for the PICO 4 version has yet to be announced, but VR and horror fans can expect it soon after today’s release on Steam VR and Meta Quest.

We’re super stoked that the Chinese market has demonstrated interest in the game. Guess everybody likes horror games!” – Gustavo Longhi, Co-creator of Fractured Sanity


Fractured Sanity is a single-player game developed exclusively for VR where all mechanics and puzzles are realistic and interactive. In this survival horror game, you will engage in a thrilling story and uncover the dark truth about the psychiatric clinic runned by Dr. Simmons who has been conducting research into how to break someone’s id, ego and superego apart.

Fractured Sanity is looking better than ever, with an amount of detail that will leave players of all kinds immersed, tense, intrigued and – of course – trembling with fear!

Check out Fractured Sanity’s new launch trailer:

Get Fractured Sanity on Steam:

Get Fractured Sanity on Oculus App Lab:

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Artificial Intelligence





XLA, a community-driven organization of video game and entertainment industry professionals, will today announce ‘Metasites’; a modular 3D internet framework leveraging metaverse, cloud, and AI technologies.

Funded with an initial $100M USD, XLA Metasites empowers users to transform virtual worlds by creating unique content. XLA Chief Product Officer Alexey Savchenko will present a demo of Metasites at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco this afternoon during a panel called “Emerging Approaches: What the Metaverse can teach us about Social and Narrative Design through Synthetic Media”.

The presentation will reveal Metasites’ high fidelity graphics, core experience, instant access to the system in the cloud through the browser, OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 integration powering non-active characters and their behavior, virtual assistant IVEE, ability to semantically analyze text and generate 3D scenes in UE5, and many other features. Metasites allows creators to deploy Unreal Engine 5 content and connect to the XLA ecosystem of features and services.

“We call them Metasites, and the idea here is that every one of these locations is part of an infinite network of 3D, explorable spaces. Like hyperlinks, portals connect these worlds, and the core infrastructure operates on a series of open protocols and standards – much like today’s web,” Savchenko will say. “We strongly believe that the future of the internet is in 3D and are looking to partner up with creators and brands from all spheres and industries to build it together.”


Access to Metasites for individual creators and enterprise clients will be based on a revenue share model, providing every user full control and management of their content. Users can access virtual assets and various tools, including a versatile SDK, experiences editor, inventory and item management system, payment processing, marketing tools, and more. XLA also aims to provide a seamlessly interoperable encounter related to digital items – with various functionalities connected to inventory objects within different environments.

“What we’re creating,” Savchenko will say, “is an evolution of the internet and new form of storytelling – authors shaping worlds that create their agency, presence, and stories, accessible across multiple platforms. It’s not about bringing games to new audiences. It’s about making it easier to communicate, educate, commerce, play, and create while being justly rewarded for your actions.”

Metasites will be revealed at GDC at 4:40 PM PDT in Room 24, West Hall, Moscone Center, alongside Hexagram Founder and CEO Rob Auten. The framework is set for closed beta in summer 2023, with enterprise and creators programs opening next quarter and full commercial release expected in Q4 2023.

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Gaming and Entertainment Europe

Leading Metaverse Game, Runiverse, Announces Collaboration With Polygon




Runiverse, a leading metaverse gaming platform, has announced its collaboration with Polygon to deliver an unmatched gaming experience to players. The announcement is the first step in Runiverse’s roadmap to bring exciting developments and events to the Polygon community.

Runiverse, powered by their utility token $RUNY, combines blockchain gaming with crypto knowledge, requiring players to understand how the crypto market is performing and then act accordingly to win. Gamers can translate their crypto knowledge into tangible rewards through fast-paced and dynamic gameplay that blends luck, strategy, and creativity. The platform leverages real-time data from Binance, offering a run-to-earn experience where players’ speed is determined by market performance. Players can earn rewards through rallies and by holding Runiverse’s Player Skins and Tracks NFTs.

Polygon blockchain, the leading Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, has been a driving force in Web3, providing scalable, affordable, secure, and sustainable blockchain infrastructure. Polygon has recently been the blockchain of choice for industry leaders such as The Walt Disney Company, Reddit, Starbucks, Meta, and more due to the low fees, fast transactions, and interoperability with other blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

“We believe that gaming is more than just entertainment, and it can drive blockchain adoption and innovation. With Polygon’s support, we plan to expand our reach and provide players with an innovative ecosystem that fosters creativity and community.” Said Gip Cutrino, COO of Runiverse.


The collaboration between Runiverse and Polygon signals the commitment to bring new events and opportunities to the Gamefi community, contributing to the growth and adoption of Web3 gaming.

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