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These are the most Googled Cryptocurrencies in every European Country



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New research has revealed the cryptocurrency each European country wants to invest in the most, with Bitcoin taking the top spot.

The research, conducted by online casino experts AskGamblers, analysed Google Trends data over the past 12 months to establish the cryptocurrency that each country across Europe wants to invest in, based on searches.

The analysis revealed that Bitcoin is the most searched cryptocurrency in Europe, with twenty-one countries searching for Bitcoin more than any of its competitors, including Germany, Poland, Romania, and Belgium.

Seven countries were searching to invest in Shiba Inu more than any other cryptocurrency, including the UK, Russia, France, and Italy. This makes Shiba Inu the second most popular cryptocurrency in Europe.


Ethereum is the third most popular cryptocurrency, according to the research. The countries seeking to invest in Ethereum the most are Sweden, Czechia, Latvia, and Slovenia.

A total of three countries – the Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Andorra, were searching for Cardano more than any other cryptocurrency. This placed Cardano in the fourth spot in Europe overall.

In fifth place is Dogecoin, which was the most popular cryptocurrency in Greece and Albania.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for AskGamblers said: “There is an abundance of free information available online to educate people on crypto, especially on platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. This has opened the opportunity for people of all different backgrounds to start investing, who might not have had the knowledge or confidence to enter the world of crypto before.”

“With 38 million crypto users in Europe and thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market to choose from, it is fascinating to see which one people are the most interested in investing in. Although Bitcoin is the most popular overall, the interest in Shiba Inu has grown to surpass Bitcoin in major countries such as Russia and the UK.”


Most Googled Cryptocurrency in Europe 

Cryptocurrency  No. Countries Searching for it the Most 
Bitcoin  21 
Shiba Inu  7 
Ethereum  4 
Cardano  3 
Dogecoin  2 


Blockchain covers the bases FTX didn’t, all assets held 1:1 and always accessible to users


on, the cryptocurrency exchange making the benefits of crypto more accessible to everyone, reassures its users their funds are safe with the exchange, promising no mishandling of funds is possible. is working on a proof-of-reserves protocol and is holding all assets of their users 1:1 in segregated accounts through its collaboration with Fireblocks, on its recently launched platform, which merges gaming-inspired UI and top security solutions to offer traders a user-friendly and reliable alternative to existing exchange platforms.

With Bitcoin and Ethereum reaching new lows that were not seen since 2020, the crypto world is licking its wounds from the FTX crash. When Binance backed out of its rescue deal for FTX over reports of mishandling of customer funds, investors’ trust in centralized crypto exchanges dropped drastically. As many have noted, however, it was poor management that led to FTX’s downfall, not a failure of the centralized-exchange business model or underlying technology. Sam Bankman-Fried’s trading firm Alameda Research heavily invested in the FTX exchange’s FTT token, essentially inflating the token’s price using investors’ money to back it up.

Today, reassures users that such a prospect isn’t even possible on its platform. doesn’t have a native token. meets the need for a user-friendly and accessible crypto trading platform. Leveraging an intimate familiarity of crypto users’ pain points and a deep understanding of social gaming UX, makes buying and selling digital assets simple and enjoyable for both amateur and experienced crypto users who find traditional crypto trading platforms intimidating.

“The FTX crash is unfortunate first and foremost to investors on the exchange, but the mistrust users have for centralized exchanges now is harming the whole crypto industry,” says CFO of, Dor Maman. “We want to ensure users who invest through XBO that their assets are safe and held 1:1 with zero exposure to currency rate fluctuations. We comply with the highest industry standards in terms of safety and security, and always believe our users come first.”

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Tomi’s DAO-governed ‘free web’ offers dark-web anonymity while prohibiting violence




Tomi, an anonymous project led by eight big names in crypto, unveils TomiNet, a secure and encrypted protocol empowering journalists, activists, and ordinary citizens to surf the web free of government and corporate surveillance. The network leverages DAO governance to foster community-driven censorship of the more illicit activities that run rampant on the most prominent alternative internet networks today.

Tomi team is anon

If Satoshi Nakamoto’s real name were known, would Bitcoin’s creator be banished to the fringes along with Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Alexey Pertsev? Or would he be right up there with Elon Musk and Balaji Srinivasan as one of the best known entrepreneurs of our time? We’ll never know, because Satoshi wanted the world to judge the creation, rather than the creator. Tomi’s founders agree with that approach.

TomiNet kicks off a clean slate for the Internet, one where Google and Facebook don’t have power over people’s identities, Amazon doesn’t crush small businesses and host more than a third of the world’s data, and government and corporate surveillance is impossible. TomiNet threatens businesses, fiat currency systems, and power and data brokers around the world. As such, there are many reasons for which the 80+ Tomi team members feel their safety may be at stake and choose to follow Satoshi’s footsteps in remaining anonymous.

The project

TomiNet is almost fully built and synchronized with its alternative blockchain DNS service (tDNS). Users will be able to download the TomiNet browser or create a browser that points to tDNS, buy .tomi domain names, and vote on the DAO that governs the network. Through TomiNet’s browser, users surf the network with a built-in VPN that allows them to access uncensored information in countries that censor and hide IP addresses.


The network is governed by a community-led DAO, which votes on decisions via “Pioneer” NFTs and Tomi tokens about running TomiNet and censoring content that doesn’t meet the network’s “blacklist” community guidelines. Terror, child porn, and other forms of violence are among the categories on the blacklist to be voted down by the DAO.

The Tomi team holds weight equal to average users in voting about the community guidelines and censorship, though it will hold enough tokens to have stronger influence over the technological direction of the project in the initial stages. TomiNet is structured in a way that creates a path for the citizens of the new web to out-vote the core developers and technological leadership within three years. That’s intentional on the part of Tomi, which doesn’t seek the kind of power held by the leaders of projects such as Ethereum or Cosmos.

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REVEALED: Searches for ‘Ronaldo NFT’ skyrocket 206% after Cristiano Ronaldo launches first-ever NFT collection on Binance Marketplace




Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for ‘Ronaldo NFT’ exploded 206% worldwide on 15th November, as news broke that Cristiano Ronaldo has launched his first NFT collection, which was unveiled on Friday 18th November in collaboration with Binance Marketplace.

New insights by CoinGecko reveal that as soon as the launch was announced via Twitter by Ronaldo, fans of the legendary football player caused an explosion of searches on the web to find out more about his new partnership with Binance.

The arrival of the partnership has been available to consumers since Friday 18th November. It will be the start of the multiyear collaboration with one of the largest crypto exchange platforms and one of the most iconic professional athletes on the planet.

Over the past day, searches for ‘Ronaldo’ have also increased by 191% in the UK and 47% worldwide.


Searches for ‘Binance’ in the UK saw an explosion of 499% due to fans’ curiosity to know more about the cryptocurrency marketplace.

It is not unusual for celebrities to dabble in the NFT world of cryptocurrency, and the surge in searches for ‘celebrity NFTs’ over the past week has seen an increasingly large amount of interest worldwide. Over the past seven days, Google searches for ‘celebrity NFTs’ increased by 1,251% worldwide.

“Given the level of influence and popularity of celebrities, they have become integral to the success of NFT projects,” Bobby Ong, COO and co-founder of CoinGecko, said. “Fans and followers want to spend on collectibles and experiences created by their favourite stars, and this includes digital collectibles, like NFTs.”

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