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£250k RichCast Creators Fund commissions 40 interactive stories & games




RichCast’s Creators Fund ( has commissioned 40 exciting original Next Generation Media experiences from around the world in just six months, contracting writers, visual novelists, game developers, filmmakers and even a magician.

The £250,000 Fund launched in May, with creators invited to pitch ideas to receive funding and production support ahead of their work being made available as part of RichCast’s launch content library.

You watch a preview trailer of the upcoming Creators Fund titles here:

Pegasus Lost interactive comic trailer:


Interview with Pegasus Lost creator Dan Whitehead:

RichCast, developed by UK-based Panivox, opens up a new world of user-generated next generation media experiences, called Titles, ranging from interactive ‘choose your own adventures’ and games, to linear stories and learning tools.

The platform’s #NoCode approach allows creators to make, own, distribute and monetise diverse types of content that players can stream and enjoy through a single app across multiple devices (MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android).

The first tranche of Creators Fund commissions is as varied as it is broad, with more than 40 titles encompassing supernatural stories, interactive movies, sci-fi comics, teenage romance, interactive quiz shows with hosts, moral dilemma stories, an interactive magic show, a dungeon raiding story with a celebrity host, time travel tales and a clutch of fun RichCast ‘shorts’.

The RichCast Creators Fund continues to actively commission short- and long-form experiences, in addition to art, voice and audio content, to fuel its catalogue, with the goal of releasing over 25 new titles over the next six months.


RichCast is free for both Creators and Players with plans to add fair monetisation to ensure content creators receive royalties for their great experiences.

In October Panivox, which is working in collaboration with Staffordshire University, was awarded approximately £500,000 in the form of a SMART Grant from Innovate UK, the Government’s innovation agency, to be used towards the continued R&D of the platform.

“The RichCast Creators Fund is designed to provide the world’s most innovative writers, game developers and filmmakers with the financial and technical support they need when making interactive experiences using our #NoCode editing tools,” said Panivox CCO Andrew Oliver. “We encourage creatives to come forward and pitch their ideas for a slice of the remaining fund – we can’t wait to see what the RichCast creative community will come up with!”

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