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DevRev Announces Themselves as Customer Zero and Shares First-Look at Product




DevRev, a category-defining software company focused on connecting developers with their customers, today shared that the company will be announcing itself as Customer Zero and unveil the first look into its platform at its first-ever live event on October 20, 2021. In addition, today DevRev also introduced several resources aimed at developers, including a Hackathon with prize money worth $30,000 and an exclusive private community called DevRev Circle for developer entrepreneurs.

DevRev Day and Product Preview

On October 20th, DevRev Day henceforth, the company is seeding an environment to connect  with its newfound community — to learn from and with them. During the event, attendees will hear from co-founders, Dheeraj Pandey and Manoj Agarwal, and have access to sessions with Vinod Khosla, founder of Khosla Ventures, and Abhay Parasnis, Adobe CTO.

Additionally, DevRev will tell its own story of evolution on why the company has become its own Customer Zero during this extremely critical discovery phase of product-market fit, and how DevRev will:

  • Use their platform to build software, making remote engineering delightful and social
  • Gather real-time feedback and stay close to early adopters
  • Migrate off legacy databases and workflows to manage features, issues, and tickets. DevRev will also reveal why this decade will all be about in-app experiences.

“During these formative days, we want to take a moment to acknowledge how far we’ve come, and celebrate DevRev Day with our community of friends and well-wishers,” said Dheeraj Pandey, CEO and co-founder, DevRev. “We are aspiring to change how digital businesses are built and operated. That will require an immense learning mindset with the community.”

Pandey will share an exclusive, first-time-preview of what DevRev’s platform will look like, and share with audiences more about the vision for DevCRM, the dev-centric approach to building customer-conscious products and services. Given its Product-Led Growth (PLG) roots, the company expects to interact frequently with its community of alpha and beta users in the coming months, as it unveils a next-generation CRM suite of services to power PLG focused organizations.

Circle Membership Program

DevRev’s Circle Program is one of DevRev’s largest investments to date, and provides members access to:

  • A private community of developer entrepreneurs, including industry experts from VC firms and former enterprise tech employees
  • DevRev’s Discord server, hosting monthly insider sessions with startup founders and tech leaders — such as Vinod KhoslaNavin Chaddha, and other notable developer entrepreneurs — discussing how to build, support, and grow software businesses in today’s product-led era
  • Training and educational content related to ML/AI, design and data engineering
  • Scholarships for Udacity courses
  • A chance to influence DevRev’s company roadmap, early access to the product prior to general availability, and the ability to enter into the Hackathon.


Developer entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to enter into a Hackathon, kicking off November 1st, where they will build out a prototype and present to potential investors. The winner’s prototype will be included as an application of DevRev’s open source ecosystem and will receive $30,000 as prize money, sponsored by Mayfield Fund. This is a testament to DevRev’s commitment to creating a product that caters to developers needs through sourcing what is most important to them and creating an open dialogue between DevRev and its customers.

“As we start to bring our .ai vision to life, we want machines to take the mundane chores off the developer’s plate,” said Manoj Agarwal, co-founder and President, DevRev. “Like Netflix a decade ago, this hackathon is about co-creating AI value with external developers, many of whom will not be our employees, but will be valuable teachers to learn from nonetheless.”


Barely a year since inception, DevRev is approaching 100 employees and continues to grow, as it invests in its product and builds its PLG muscle around growth and support engineering. For more information about these programs visit; for additional details on DevRev Day or to view the conference, see here.

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NYX Soulmate Launches Match for Web3




NYX, a Web3 startup leveraging NFTs, is excited to announce the launch of Soulmate, an AI-powered match platform for Web3. NYX Soulmate utilizes a proprietary artificial Intelligence (AI), and hard science to match users based on who they are, not how they look.

Lee, Chief Executive Officer at NYX Soulmate, said: “Web3 avatars and PFPs are nothing but empty shells if they can’t convey to Metaverse entities who we are. Immersion is incomplete without individuation. NYX opens up a world of possibilities towards the individuation of web3 experiences by way of (through) matchmaking.”

Each Soul NFT contains biodata that the AI uses to suggest compatible matches. The platform also rewards participants when they choose to interact socially.

Zr0, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at NYX Soulmate, said: “We want to leverage web3 to make a positive impact on the fight against the loneliness epidemic.” 


Leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, SOUL NFTs can be privately owned and integrated across platforms. It breaks the silo, creating a layer of socialization that can be experienced by the user in any NFT community, game or metaverse of their choice.

Soulmate takes users through a process of self-discovery, incorporates fine art into the experience and suggests like-minded people to connect.

Su, Chief Data Scientist at NYX Soulmate, said: “If we look at references like Ready Player One or Snow Crash, they predict a Metaverse that doesn’t rely on selfies. We are building a matchmaking AI to support that.”

Key features and benefits of NYX Soulmate:

  • A way to personalize the web3 ‘face’ you show in the Metaverse.
  • Make connections with like-minded individuals through matchmaking algorithms. 
  • Network in business and personal endeavors with a more informed knowledge of others in the Soulmate ecosystem.
  • Own the companion fine art PFP with traits directly informed by your personality.
  • Custom built discord serving as a town square to Web3 communities. The first server with cross functional networking capabilities.

More details about NYX Soulmate are available on their website.

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YAHAHA Partners with Korean Startup Dabeeo to Launch Artificial Intelligence Mirror World Project in The Metaverse




In a world-first, trailblazing new social entertainment platform YAHAHA has partnered with Dabeeo, a Korean startup technology platform, to launch the Artificial Intelligence Mirror World Project. Through this exclusive partnership with Dabeeo, users can now quickly build 3D maps and landscapes from the real world in YAHAHA. To launch the collaboration, YAHAHA is hosting a new challenge on its platform, where creators can win a prize of up to $2000 with a total prize fund of $4600. Get involved in the challenge here.

Available to consumers for the first time, Dabeeo’s innovative technology creates maps using positioning and geospatial data technology integrated with AI and satellite imagery. Previously each building and object from the real world would have to be built manually, but now this process has been simplified, supporting YAHAHA users around the world to create realistic scenes from real cities quickly. The 3D creation platform has future plans with Dabeeo to create a mirror world, where everything we can see in cities and streets can be re-created in YAHAHA.

An easy-to-use social entertainment platform, YAHAHA supports participants to create, publish, share and play content. YAHAHA’s priority is to make 3D content creation available for users of all levels, lowering entry levels with no-code creation, premade assets, and tutorials. Its unique Studio tool makes content creation as easy as drag and drop, so there are no barriers for new creators to overcome.

YAHAHA is passionate about interoperability in gaming, especially as the world continues to move toward a more digital lifestyle, where real and virtual life merges in all sorts of different ways. This aligns with Dabeeo’s vision to integrate technology and real-life experiences. With Dabeeo’s technology, YAHAHA creators can purchase newly designed assets and begin experimenting with this technology to create real life features in different scenes.


The first real world scene that Dabeeo will introduce in YAHAHA is Hongdae Club Street. This street in Hongik University area, Seoul, South Korea is known as the mecca for clubgoers, as it is packed with hip-hop, jazz and dance venues. As part of the launch of the Dabeeo partnership, YAHAHA is hosting the K-Club Street Creator Challenge. From September 1st creators can compete to win prizes up to $2,000 by adding their own details to scenes in the YAHAHA platform – the world’s first ever contest campaign with a real world-based template. There will be an indoor music space and an outdoor busking area for users to customise, with YAHAHA and Dabeeo awarding prizes for the best environments. Sign up to create your unique creation here.

Pengfei Zhang, Co-Founder, COO at Yahaha Studios, says: “We are really happy to announce our partnership with Dabeeo, and to bring an exclusive new way of creating to the YAHAHA platform. This fascinating AI technology is providing users with exciting, real life features to make their creating experience easier and more life-like.

“The YAHAHA community can showcase their skills with the K-Club Street Creator Challenge whilst exploring these new features and will help to push the boundaries of what Dabeeo’s AI technology can do. We can’t see what they create!”

Dabeeo will ultimately use the mirror world technology in multiple major cities, enabling YAHAHA users to interact with new exciting scenes. Dabeeo also plans to extend the use of its AI technology to provide more scenes from across the world on YAHAHA, giving users access to parts of the globe that they can interact and create with, all within its social entertainment platform.

Juhum Park, Founder and CEO of Dabeeo, said: “Partnering with YAHAHA allows Dabeeo to unlock a new world of creating, expanding our reach and developing our technology on a wider scale. YAHAHA’s audience of creators means our data can be used in many different ways, including the unique creations that users design. We hope that our technology will help to bring a new level of entertainment to the YAHAHA platform and we are greatly excited for our future plans.”


Find out more about YAHAHA here.

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ORIGIN Metaverse Announces Partnership with Latin American Inventory Group




ORIGIN Metaverse, a patent pending real estate technology company leveraging Web3, is pleased to announce the addition of affiliate partner,

Headquartered in Querétaro, formerly known as Virket Real Estate, boasts a portfolio of over $500 million dollars in luxury real-estate in Latin America. With a team of experts in digital marketing along with dedicated real estate agents, uses state of the art technology and artificial intelligence to increase visibility while exceeding expected sales projections and return on investment for its users. as a Spinoff Virket has also won top multinational awards in marketing technology and innovation and are a leading partner for Google and Facebook.

By providing a singular virtual real estate marketplace for users to buy, sell, and rent metaverse land as well as transact conventional real estate as NFTs safely and securely, will lead the Latin American market using ORIGIN’s simplified platform while making digital real estate accessible to everyone, fulfilling their goal of mass adoption with Latin America as a first step.


This partnership further gives an edge to provide technology driven solutions to the luxury real estate market with first in class service at the forefront of their offerings.

“We are excited to partner with particularly as our first global inventory partner”, says ORIGIN founder Fred Greene. “Their portfolio is an exciting stepping stone to the international market solidifying our goal to expand internationally”.

ORIGIN has also added Yued EL Jeitani, founder of to their advisory board as Head of International Real Estate.

Jeitani is also the founder of, a crypto mining service, in addition to having more than 20 years of professional experience in international residential real estate as well as blockchain technology.

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